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Paediatricians in CAPE 10

We look forward to your visit and are at your service within our Opening hours available for acute cases as well as for a preventive check-up.

If your child is in acute respiratory distress or has suddenly fainted, or in the event of burns, injuries or poisoning, immediately call the Vienna Rescue under dhe emergency number 144!

  • My child is ill: We examine your child sensitively in order to build up trust first. Then we choose the appropriate therapy for your child. Acute treatment for cough, fever, sore throat, headache, stomach ache, skin rashes, etc. 
  • My child is healthy: you would still like to come to us? We offer a general examination even for healthy children, with blood sampling (from the vein) possible on request. 

Our service overview

Mother and Child Passport Examinations

We accompany you and your offspring and monitor the development of your child until school. Through the regular examinations, health risks and diseases can be detected quickly.

Blood work

Sometimes blood work is necessary for diagnosis or surgical clearance. We carefully perform blood sampling from the vein in infants and children.

Operation release

Clearance for surgery is obtained through a pediatrician's preliminary examination, which consists of a detailed medical history and a detailed clinical examination to determine freedom from infection.


If you suspect a urinary tract infection in your infant or toddler, we can carry out the analysis in our house and start treatment immediately. This eliminates laboratory waiting times.

Developmental control in infants and young children

We monitor the development of your infant/child and accompany you and your offspring until school. Through the regular examinations, health risks and diseases can be detected quickly.

Ultrasound - detect and correct hip abnormalities

A so-called hip dysplasia (hip deformity) is a common malformation in infancy. An untreated hip abnormality can lead to permanent damage to the femoral head or socket, possibly even to a later walking disability.


Constipation is not a disease, but a common symptom. These often painful complaints can have various causes and should therefore be clarified by a medical examination. With the help of abdominal ultrasound, malformations in the area of the intestine can be excluded.


The electrocardiogram is a painless examination that is possible at any age. With the ECG, heart murmurs can be clarified and control examinations can be carried out in children after heart operations or in children with congenital heart defects. The ECG is also part of the basic examination for a sports test.


The reason for allergic diseases is often found in childhood. It is important for the child's well-being to recognise and treat an allergy as early as possible. After testing in an allergy outpatient clinic, we will be happy to advise you and inform you about the right therapy for your child (immunotherapy or desensitisation therapy).

Circumcision/release of the foreskin adhesion

During circumcision (circumcision), the foreskin is cut off in a small operation with an incision. There are medical reasons for this such as phimosis (narrowing of the foreskin) or general reasons such as religion. The operation is performed on an outpatient basis. We will be happy to advise you in a detailed consultation.

Synagis therapy for RSV prophylaxis

Premature and immunocompromised infants can be protected from respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection with synagistherapy. RS virus causes severe lower respiratory tract illness. These infections are considered the leading cause of hospitalization for infants and young children from October to March. Almost all children become infected in the first two years of life, but the virus is especially dangerous for premature babies and children with a weak immune system.

Insulin therapy

Children suffering from diabetes have to measure their blood sugar several times a day, calculate the carbohydrate content of their food and administer the appropriate amount of insulin. A safe therapy and well-trained caregivers play an important role in this. We support you and your family in making your child's everyday life easier. In addition to enrolment for insulin therapy, we also inform you about proper nutrition.

Acute laboratory for checking inflammation and iron levels

Before and after antibiotic treatment, it can be useful to check the inflammation level. This allows us to specifically plan the respective treatment for your child. We also offer the determination of the iron value in the blood, as the need for iron is greatly increased throughout growth. Not only the physical and mental development depends on the iron supply, but also the immune system. If detected and treated in time, severe late effects can be prevented.


Vaccinations protect your child against infectious diseases and possible serious consequences of illness. In Austria, there are a number of free vaccinations for children up to the age of 15. In addition, there are also important vaccinations that are subject to a charge. We will gladly inform you about the recommended vaccinations and support you in your decision.

Shortened frenulum in infants

A congenitally shortened lingual frenulum restricts the mobility of the tongue. Your baby may suck more ineffectively and receive less milk as a result. Cutting the lingual frenulum is a minor procedure that we can perform in our outpatient clinic.

Jaundice quick check / bilirubin test

More than half of newborns develop jaundice a few days after birth. The culprit is the pigment bilirubin, which cannot be broken down quickly enough by the not yet fully developed liver. If the level in the blood exceeds a certain limit, treatment is necessary to prevent neurological damage.

Lung function diagnostics

From the age of 5 years, the lung function test already provides good information. The most common diagnosis is bronchial asthma. The examination is unspectacular, the child only has to breathe in and out of a small tube. With this imaging diagnostics, the function of the lungs can be well assessed and the progress during a therapy can be observed.

Genital warts - removal and therapy

Children are more susceptible to warts because their immune system is not yet fully developed. Human papilloma viruses (HPV) are the cause. Genital warts form in the genital area or anus, are harmless but very contagious and can put a strain on your child's psyche. We will be happy to inform you about the treatment options.

Special nutrition counselling - coeliac disease

Coeliac disease or gluten intolerance is an immunological disease of the intestine and should definitely be taken seriously. The intolerance is triggered by gluten, a gluten protein found in grains. To protect the intestines from serious damage, a gluten-free diet must be followed. We will help you make the right food choices.

Breastfeeding counselling / baby food counselling / nutrition counselling

Breast milk is the best and easiest nutrition for your baby. We are happy to support you if you have any questions about breastfeeding. The first complementary food can be given from around the sixth month of life. Get advice and tips from our doctors on the introduction of complementary feeding. You can also learn all about healthy nutrition for your child.

Child Psychology

Counseling for behavior problems, bedwetting, sleep problems: Parents want independent, happy children and always want the best for them. Sometimes difficulties arise that overwhelm the family. Or do you have general parenting questions? Our child psychologist is at your side with expert advice.

Testing in children

Is your child suffering from an unclear infection? In case of suspicion, we carry out a streptococcus rapid test free of charge and a COVID-19/Influenza A+B Antigen Combo Rapid Test for € 25,- in the surgery. The result is available in 15 minutes.

Sports Certificate

If your child wishes to participate in a club sport, he/she will need a medical certificate stating the current state of health of your child.

pierce the ears

Safe ear piercing at your paediatrician: If the parents wish, we also pierce the ears of babies from the age of 4 months.

Infant Care

How do I care for my baby properly? Whether changing nappies, bathing, caring for the navel or cutting nails - newborn babies need a lot of care and attention. We give you practical tips on what you need and what to look out for so that your baby develops healthily.

Development support

We offer extensive therapy options for children with developmental delays in terms of speech or motor skills. Our specialists in occupational therapy, speech therapy and physiotherapy lovingly support your child and guide you as a parent on how to support your child at home.

Skin problems

If your child has problems with the skin (rash, itching, dry patches), you should always get it checked out. It could be an indication of a childhood illness or an incipient skin disease (atopic dermatitis, neurodermatitis, and much more).

Sick leave confirmations

A certificate of sick leave is usually issued by the family doctor. Young people up to the age of 18 who are in apprenticeship training or already working can take sick leave or a health certificate at our outpatient clinic.

Dressings, burns, suture removals

We provide your protégé with professional bandages for larger wounds, such as burns, so that the wounds can heal faster and do not leave scars. We also perform suture removal.

Test for the determination of vitamin, trace element and mineral status in cells

Children are also occasionally affected by deficiency symptoms, e.g. poor eaters tend to take in too few vitamins and other vital nutrients. Symptoms range from fatigue and paleness to difficulty concentrating and susceptibility to infections. In the growth and development phase, there is an increased need for vitamins and minerals anyway.

Paediatric neurology, EEG & child psychiatry

Neurology is a medical speciality that deals with the complex system of nerves. Electroencephalography (EEG) can be used to measure and graphically visualise the electrical activity of the brain. Possible areas of application include the diagnosis and progression of epilepsy or sleep medicine.

Additional services

Price list for services to be paid privately

Not all services are paid by the health insurance. You can download our fees here.

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Tick vaccination:

Tick bites: Vaccination offers the safest protection against TBE. We vaccinate children from 6 months.

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