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Paediatric outpatient clinic Margareten and cape 10

The future lies in childhood - support your child!

Our social and therapy team from Cape 10 and Kinderambulatorium Margareten are now working together in our new children's therapy centre! This means that we now have More space and possibilitiesto support you with expert advice and provide your child with the best possible support.

Not all wounds are visible: Child development is a complex process that is influenced by many factors. These include genetic predisposition, environmental conditions, relationships with caregivers and the child's own experiences. Sometimes, however, there are developmental disorders or abnormalities that can hinder the child in its everyday life.

In such cases, therapy can help to promote the child's development and enable them to realise their full potential. Therapy options for children are therefore an important part of the healthcare system.

Our vision is that we can offer a therapy place to every child who needs support.
Dr. Sevinc Yildirim
Paediatrician and managing director

Important information

Before your child can be treated by one of our therapists, a paediatrician in our practice must carry out a Internal allocation carry out.

The doctor will give you a preliminary diagnosis and refer you to a suitable therapist at our centre.

If you are interested in treatment, you can of course mention this to one of our doctors at the initial consultation.

Depending on the therapy and the demand, there may be a waiting time for a therapy place.

If you need a diagnosis from one of our clinical psychotherapists, your child must also be examined by one of our doctors. internally assigned become.

Clinical diagnostics are covered by all health insurance companies.

The staff of the respective professional group will contact you by telephone to arrange an initial appointment for counselling or therapy.

This service is free of charge for you.

Please bring only one accompanying person per child. (By arrangement, you may bring a person to translate for you).

The counselling session lasts 30-60 minutes, depending on the topic.

In order to be able to evaluate your child's progress, one or more follow-up appointments may be arranged at intervals of a few weeks after the initial appointment.

If you are unable to keep an agreed appointment, please cancel in good time (at least 24 hours before the appointment) by telephone or e-mail!

Telephone number: +43 19050006


If you do not turn up for one of the agreed appointments without a valid excuse, a fee note will be sent to you and a new appointment will only be arranged after payment of this administration fee of €80.

Our services

Address and directions

The therapy centre is located opposite from our location in Margareten Siebenbrunnenfeldgasse 7, 1050 Vienna

Our therapists and therapists

Mustafa Ates

Mustafa Ates

Psychologist in training

Hicran Bilke Akillioglu

Hicran Bilke Akillioglu

Psychologist in training
Naja Novak Kinder-PVE

Naja Novak, BA, BSc

Speech therapist

Management of the therapists

Julia Bamberger

Speech therapist


Sophie Mattersberger, BsC

Occupational therapist

Ayshe Yoztyurk

Ayshe Yoztyurk

Physiotherapist in training

Magdalena Goldgruber, BSc


Claudia Martino, BSc


Petra Dittmann, BA

Social worker

Sarah Anabith

Sarah Anabith, M.A. (In Mutterschutz)

Social worker


MMag. Sandra Pilz

Clinical psychologist

Klinische Psychologin

Reyhan Inan, MSC.

Clinical psychologist

Bernhard Schmied

Bernhard Smith

Medical masseur

The therapy centre

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GRIPPE vaccination

Children and young people aged 6 months to 17 years receive one dose (0.5 ml) of Vaxigrip Tetra by injection.
The flu vaccination is offered to children from the age of 2 as a Nasal spray administered.
Children under six months of age can also be protected by the influenza vaccination during pregnancy - through so-called "nest protection".

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Please make an appointment in advance!