Measles and MMR vaccination Q&A

Frequently asked questions and answers about measles and the MMR vaccination

Measles is currently spreading in Austria. Vaccination offers the best protection and is also FREE with us! Please make an appointment for vaccinations on 01 90 50 006! If you have any further questions, you can of course also contact us by telephone or e-mail.

What to do in a suspected case?

If you suspect that you have measles, it is IMPERATIVE that you contact us in advance by telephone before you come to the surgery! In this way, transmission in the waiting room can be avoided!


A few vaccines contain attenuated, still-living pathogens which can cause disease-like symptoms, but cannot develop a full-blown disease.

  • Rather, the severe course of an infection is only prevented by the vaccination!

That vaccinations with aluminium lead to autism is definitely wrong.

  • The accusation is based on a study that was published many years ago due to was withdrawn due to gross errors and unethical research methods and was very often refuted.


Severe symptoms of measles: High fever (Possible febrile convulsions), severe cough, conjunctivitis/phobia

  • There are No direct cure for measles only alleviation of symptoms!

The measles severely weaken the body's immune systemwhat the Increased risk of other infectious diseases (e.g. meningitis)!


The measles vaccination is given in the form of a Combination vaccination against measles-mumps-rubella (MMR).

  • Live vaccine: attenuated viruses cause a reaction of the immune system (formation of antibodies), which subsequently protects against a "real" disease caused by wild viruses.


Basically, the vaccination very well tolerated.

  • Local reactionsThe symptoms, such as redness and swelling at the injection site, are relatively common.
  • Fever may occur in about 15 % of cases and a mild rash in 5 % of those vaccinated.

Scientific studies provide no evidence in favour of vaccinations Allergies favour.


From the after 9 months of age: 2 doses MMR vaccine recommended. The vaccination is FREE OF CHARGE!

For vaccination in the 1 year of age, the second vaccination should be given after 3 months, if vaccinated after the age of 1 year at intervals of 4 weeks.


  • Missing MMR vaccinations can and should be made up for at any age. become!


As a Very well tolerated vaccine is available and the virus can only be transmitted from person to person (no animals, insects, etc.), a Global eradication of measles possible.

(North, Central and South America have been free of measles since 2002!)


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Tick vaccination:

Tick bites: Vaccination offers the safest protection against TBE. We vaccinate children from 6 months.

Please make an appointment in advance!

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